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Brinker International"After finally realizing the piles of charitable requests on my desk were too overwhelming to process in a timely manner, I finally decided it was past time to look at an on-line system.

I researched companies and visited colleagues at other companies to look at their systems. Conxeo came highly recommended ~ as did Justin White ~ and after spending time with Justin, I was confident they had a very user friendly system which met our current needs and one which I could learn and manage.

I have to say the deciding factor in making this change was Justin and his very basic, simple explanation of the system and how to tailor it to our needs. He was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and he gave me a sense of confidence it was something I could easily learn ~ and if I needed help, he would always be available for me.

During the process of building our system, his suggestions were terrific and made the process seamless. When I would ask his opinion on the best way to set something up, he was able to draw from his experience with other companies, always making sure I decided on what was best for our company. During these first few months of having the majority of our charitable requests submitted on-line, the huge piles on my desk have disappeared along with the stress level! And Justin keeps in touch to see how things are going and to keep me updated on any new improvements or services Conxport has to offer.

I am so appreciative of how Conxport, and Justin, have made such a positive impact on our charitable request process and given me so much more time to work on other aspects of my job responsibilities."

- Brinker International (Chili's Grill & Bar & Maggiano's Little Italy)