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"Double-digit ROI with payback occurring in as little as 2 months."

"...spend 78% less time reviewing and responding to requests."

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A Centralized Location For Your Data

Conxport Apps allow you to organize all of your content, users, business processes and communications into a centralized location that is stored on our service cloud. Your data is backed up daily and is accessible 24/7/365 from any web-enabled device.

"After a short time with Conxport, it’s clear to me that Conxeo has created a great system. It is user-friendly, fast, and will not overwhelm the average computer user." - Holly E., C-Spire Wireless

Each Conxport App contains the following components:

There is no limit to the number of apps that you can create. The cost of your single Conxport account allows you to create as many fully-branded forms as you want. By structuring Conxport in this way, it’s easy to see how you can manage all of your initiatives, brands or clients from a centralized location.

The Structure of Conxport

The diagram below illustrates how one client can solve two (or more) business problems using the same product. In this case, our sample client published a social media app to collect Facebook, Twitter and blog requests and another one to collect customer feedback. The data from both websites is sent to a private workspace where it's reviewed by different teams within the organization.

Conxport Application Diagram

One product. Unlimited possibilities.