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Collect All the Information You Need, and None That You Don't

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to gather the information that you need to make informed decisions. So why buy something pre-built when you have the freedom to control every part of your form?

You can quickly and easily create dynamic, multi-step web forms using Conxport’s sleek drag-and-drop interface. Simply drag a question from the left column and place it on the canvas, where it is instantly editable. Override our default choices (such as character limits, validation messages, and instructions) or continue to rapidly add questions until you’re done. Re-arranging the form is as easy as selecting a question and dragging it wherever you want. We’ve even built in a great preview feature that allows you to interact with your form while you build it.

Key Features

  • Fun and Easy to Use – FormBuilder’s engaging and unique interface makes it easy to quickly build high quality web forms that allow you to collect all of the information you need.
  • Unlimited Everything – There are no limits to the number of questions, steps or rules that you can add to your form.
  • Lots of Question Types to Choose From – FormBuilder includes all of the standard questions types, such as text boxes, checkboxes, and dropdowns, but it also allows you to take your form to the next level with the inclusion of file and image uploads and editable grids.
    • Text boxes & text areas (including plain text, email, URL, phone and ZIP code formatting)
    • Numbers and currencies (including regular number, comma-separated, decimal and percent formats)
    • Dropdowns and listboxes
    • Single checkboxes, checkbox lists, radio button lists
    • Dates
    • File and image uploads
    • Data grids
    • Instructions (for use when you need to explain things in more detail)
    • Quick-Add questions to save you time and effort
  • Collect the Right Data – Each question type has lots of properties that you may update to suit your needs. These include custom validation, ranges, minimum and maximum values, file and image size limits, and lots more.
  • Make Your Forms Smarter – FormBuilder supports conditional questions and branching, so you can hide or display question or steps based on a single answer or a combination of answers.
  • Professionally Designed Templates - If you don’t want to create a form from scratch, you can use one of our professionally designed templates. If there’s something there that doesn’t apply to your business, don’t worry… all of our templates are 100% customizable.
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