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Conxport is More than a Form Builder

Conxport is more than a form builder – it's a comprehensive platform designed to help your business collect, organize, and respond to almost any kind of communication.

If you are looking for simple and inexpensive ways to collect event registrations or little league signups, there are plenty of low-cost, no frills form builders out there that will get the job done (some of them even bark like a dog!).

But if your business requires a professionally-branded user experience along with powerful back-end tools to help you analyze data, communicate with your team, and make better decisions, then Conxport is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

  • A Powerful Formbuilder - With Conxport, you get a simple yet robust form builder, complete with a variety of input fields, conditional questions/steps, and much more. These tools ensure that you get exactly the information you need - every single time.
  • Organizational Superiority - With other form builders, your inbox or RSS feeds can get flooded with responses, making analysis tiresome. But Conxport was built with organization in mind. Each application is devoted to one data set, and responses can easily be sorted in a variety of ways.
  • Seamless Collaboration - Other form builders limit you to collaboration by email. In Conxport, all of the information is in one place, so collaboration is a cinch. Use the built-in comments feature, export data in a variety of formats, or email responses. Filters and enterprise-level roles and permissions help you control workflow, improving focus and productivity.
  • Workflow Automation - Many form builders don’t allow you to automate things like emails, status changes, or updates. With Conxport, workflow automation is easy and consistent. Automate the minutiae and spend your time focusing on what's important.
  • Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited - Other form builders limit how you use your forms. They limit how many forms you can create, how many responses you’re allowed per month, how many steps/ input fields you can use per form, etc. With Conxport, you get unlimited:
    • Applications
    • Comments
    • Conditions
    • E-mail templates
    • Filters
    • Form steps
    • Forms Input fields
    • Submitter accounts
    • Responses
    • Reports
    • User roles
    • User permissions
    • Workflow rules
  • Support You Can Trust - Not only do we offer comprehensive support for our customers, but we also field any technical support request submitted through public portals. We don’t just support you, we support your customers. No one else offers so much service standard with every package.