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"Double-digit ROI with payback occurring in as little as 2 months."

"...spend 78% less time reviewing and responding to requests."

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A Better Data Collection Strategy

Conxport makes it easy to create the perfect form quickly and easily by providing you with all the tools necessary to collect data and communicate with visitors.

How it Works

Each Conxport application comes with the option of publishing a fully-branded website which serves as the public destination for visitors. This is where visitors interact with your form and submit requests (Note: More than 90% of our clients use this method to receive requests).

This public website has a unique URL that you place on your website. This drives traffic away from costly resources, such as customer service and sales, and towards your fully-automated Conxport site, available 24/7/365.

Over time, you’ll watch the number of visitors to your Conxport site increase, while the number of requests you receive by email or offline will taper off.

It's a better (and smarter) data collection strategy, wouldn't you agree?

Key Features

  • Create Unique Themes for Your Brand - Customize the appearance of your Conxport website by using our Theme Creator. Its user friendly tools allow anyone -- even someone with no prior design experience -- to upload a logo, set colors and choose fonts.
  • Take Control of Your Homepage - Your Conxport homepage is 100% customizable. The "Homepage Editor" allows you to clearly communicate your goals, objectives and timelines - you can even add images or video!
  • Add a Custom Domain* - Each Conxport app has a unique URL that can be customized (i.e., http://public.conxport.com/yourcompany/yourapp), but you can also use a custom domain name (i.e., http://www.acme.com) instead of your default Conxport URL for a more professional appearance.
  • We Support Your Visitors - Unlike with other web-based services, with Conxport you get U.S.-based technical support for all of your visitors. If they encounter an error or have a question about your form, we are there to assist them on your behalf.

* Only available to Advanced and Enterprise customers

Live Examples of Conxport In Action