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"Double-digit ROI with payback occurring in as little as 2 months."

"...spend 78% less time reviewing and responding to requests."

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All of the Information You Need to Make More Informed Decisions

The Conxport workspace contains everything you need to review requests and make decisions.

When requests are submitted through your public Conxport website, they are automatically routed to the right people within your organization. From there, team members can review the details of submitted requests, collaborate with each other and make decisions using Conxport’s built-in status system.

Key Features

  • A Customizable Workspace for Each User – We understand that your team members have varied responsibilities and needs. That’s why users can customize their workspace to their individual need.
  • Smart Filters That Analyze Requests and Deliver them to the Right People – Whether you work for a small business or a large corporation, it’s important to make sure that information is consistently delivered to the right person. Filters ensure that team members see only the requests they need to work on.
  • On Demand Reporting Capabilities – Users can build reports using any of the data points in the form. The report builder can handle everything from simple conditions to advanced, multi-condition rules. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, comma-separated values (CSV) and Adobe PDF formats.
  • Review, Share, and Make Decisions – Submitted requests are available for review from the Application Desktop. When a user clicks through to view a request, they can see all of the following items:
    • All of the steps and questions from your form along with the answers.
    • Comments from other team members
    • A complete history of the request.
    • Reviewer tools such as edit, save, print and email.
    • A status indicator that identifies the current status of the request (the status system is completely customizable).
    • A share tab that allows team members to share requests with each other.
    • Print and email functions that allow users to extract and share data with anyone.
    • Add-on forms that have been created, such as contracts, compliance documents, post-event information, etc.