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Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy

Teamwork and effective collaboration are some of the most important skills you can bring to the workplace, but those skills are practically useless without the right tools.

Conxport has a variety of ways to share and collaborate on data both within the system as well as outside of it. Whether you need to share a specific request or an entire report, Conxport has the tools to help you out.

Work with other users, colleagues, customers, vendors, suppliers, and other third parties to get the job done!

Key Features

  • Better Collaboration through Comments – Conxport makes it easy for you to quickly and easily share your thoughts with others without resorting to email. Each comment is time stamped and includes the name of the person who left it along with their photo.
  • Follow-up with your visitors – Every now and then, you may need to reach out to the person who submitted a request in order to verify some information, but you don’t necessarily want to reveal your name, phone number or email address. Conxport has you covered! Our “Send to Submitter” feature allows you to anonymously communicate with your visitors while protecting your identity.
  • It's good to share – The sharing tool answers the question, “Who can see what I can see?” Let’s say that Bob wants to discuss a particular request with Sally, but Sally doesn’t have permission to view it. Bob simply selects Sally from the list of available users and shares it through Conxport. Now Bob and Sally can literally be on the same page and collaborate more efficiently.
  • Email & Print – If you need to email requests to… well… anyone, look no further. Print specific requests to PDF and email them to other users or any email address. Customize every email by selecting which steps you want to include.
  • Export – Data can be studied in many different ways. With that in mind, you can export reports and grid pages in a variety of formats (.xls, .csv, .doc, and .pdf), so you can approach the data from all angles.
  • 'Unlockable' Forms – Our Enterprise customers can create ‘unlockable’ forms that can be sent back to the submitter at any time. Examples include contracts, post-event information, compliance documents or any other type of document that you create through FormBuilder.