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Simplifying Your Work Load through Workflow

Workflow is a sequence of steps that when completed, automatically triggers an action.

In the Conxport world, workflow is simply a rule and an action. It's enables questions to 'magically' appear or disappear based on the answers entered into your form. It's also the engine that sends out automated emails thanking your visitors for stopping by and completing your form. In short, workflow is the process that simplifies your work life so that you can become even more productive.

Key Features

  • Build Smarter, More Dynamic Forms – FormBuilder allows you to quickly and easily build comprehensive forms. Workflow makes them smarter and more responsive. It's easy to conditionally hide or display questions and steps based on answers provided by visitors.
    • Conditionally display or hide questions
    • Conditionally display or hide steps
    • Conditionally validate questions
  • Streamline your Decision Making – Conxport is a great tool for collecting and managing data, but did you know it can also analyze data and make decisions for you? Let's say your business receives hundreds or requests each day, and your job is to manually approve or deny each one. Conxport's workflow engine makes this easy. Simply tell Conxport what to look for and it can either change the status of the submission or send out pre-defined automated emails for you. Let Conxport automate the minutiae so that you can go back to concentrating on all of your other tasks.
  • Automate Communications – Let's face it... communicating with visitors can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise. You know that each request represents a potential relationship, and failure to respond in a timely manner could jeopardize your brand in the eyes of customers and business associates. Conxport solves this problem by allowing you to automate your communications. Everything from acknowledgement emails to communicating your decision can be handled through workflow automation